Babiš´s ANO would receive 32 percent in the elections

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The ANO movement would win 32 percent of the votes. Pirates would receive 16.5 percent, ODS 13.5 percent. Both parties would lose 2.5 percentage points compared to the November result. According to analyst Pavel Ranoch, the outflow was mainly due to young voters under the age of 30, and mainly the fourth SPD (seven percent) and sixth TOP 09 (5.5 percent) benefited from it.

The Communists would end fifth with 6.5 percent of the votes. According to the survey, five percent of votes would be won by STAN, ČSSD, and KDU-ČSL. The People´s Party, who, like the Communists, improved its results, would end outside of Parliament as well as TOP 09.

Kantar CZ also focused on entrepreneurs whose support the government is currently seeking among other things by raising the limit of spending flat rates. However, according to Ranoch, the Pirates and the ODS would score the most with about 25 percent of the votes. The ANO movement would end third with 15 percent; the other parties would get less than ten percent of the votes.

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