Babiš: NYT allegations are an outrageous disinformation

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Czech troops were not involved in the death of Afghan commando Wahidullah Khan, said the Czech Defense Minister Lubomír Metnar in reaction to recently published allegations. Our soldiers strictly abide by international humanitarian law during their deployment on missions, added Metnar.

Babiš strongly rejected the NYT allegations as well and expressed his support and esteem to the soldiers. He claimed he saw evidence that indisputably proves their non-involvement and thus innocence.

Khan, who opened fire against Czech troops at the Shindand base and killed Cpl. Tomáš Procházka had been held in NATO custody. Khan was accused in one of the four cases of an insider attack against NATO troops in Afghanistan. Allegedly, as reported by the NYT based on claims of Afghan officials, Khan was beaten to death while in custody.

“I am sure that our soldiers proceeded in accordance with the law and regulations in force,” Gen. Aleš Opata, Czech Army Chief of Staff said to the media. Opata and Metnar also reminded that both deaths of Cpl. Procházka and commando Khan are subjects of ongoing investigation.

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