Bannon meets Zeman

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It was only an introductory meeting but a successful one, he said. We talked about international affairs, relations between the US and China, relations with Russia and two points of utmost importance to the president – the threat of Islamization and Islamist terrorism in Europe, and the state of the EU and institutional crisis.

According to Bystroň, Zeman thinks that Europe needs strong charismatic leaders if it wants to play a part among the US, China and Russia. Their meeting initiated by Bannon himself took over an hour, longer than expected. The former advisor to the US president met with former president Klaus and now wants to focus on active politicians and party leaders. Bannon should meet with Babiš, Klaus Jr. and Petr Fiala – men with power who are looking for new solutions, added Bystroň.

Bystroň’s anti-immigration AfD would end up second, maybe even win the elections in eastern Germany, according to the latest polls. They have many potential partners in the Czech Republic, according to Bystroň. AfD promotes an agenda similar to that of the Civic Democrats (ODS), and there are some points of intersection with Babiš’s ANO and Okamura’s SPD.

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