Belgium wants to silence Hungary’s anti-war voice, Hungarian FM Szijjártó claims

The senior Hungarian government minister accused Brussels of doing all it can to suppress dissenting voices in the lead-up to the European elections

By Dénes Albert
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Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib is taking the initiative to exclude Hungary from EU decision-making processes, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó has claimed.

Speaking in Budapest on Monday, the senior Hungarian government minister accused Eurocrats of wanting to suppress the pro-peace forces and remove the last obstacle to war by silencing and excluding Hungary from strategic talks.

The minister was reacting to a recent statement by his Belgian counterpart who called for the Article 7 rule of law procedure against Hungary to be stepped up, thus depriving Hungary of its voting rights in the Council of the European Union.

He said that those who may have doubted the importance of this week’s European Parliament elections may now be convinced that such a decision has perhaps never been before the Hungarian people, as the war frenzy in Brussels has taken hold and those who are for peace are being silenced.

“There is a lockdown panic, six days to go until the European elections, six days to go before people pull the emergency brake on the pro-war train, which is currently hurtling towards its final destination, a third world war, in a seemingly unstoppable way,” Szijjártó warned.

“On June 9, the European people can pull the emergency brake, but it is clear that in the remaining days, Brussels will continue to do everything in its power to silence all those who speak for peace and against war,” he said.

“The Belgian foreign minister is taking the initiative to exclude Hungary so that we Hungarians are not able to represent our position, so that we Hungarians are not able to express our opinion about the consequences of our common decisions, so that we Hungarians are not able to say that we do not want to go to war but that we want peace, so that we Hungarians are not able to say what kind of war madness is going on in Europe today, and so that we Hungarians are not able to say that the threat of a third world war is getting closer,” he said.

“So the importance of June 9 has also increased. We need very strong support, a big victory, to be able to resist the pressure in the weeks and months to come, to be able to speak out strongly for peace, to be able to stand up against the preparations for a third world war here in Europe,” he added.

The move comes just weeks before Hungary is scheduled to take over the rolling EU presidency on July 1 for six months.

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