Biden draws criticism for kissing PM Meloni’s hair

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni in the White House with Joe Biden. (MTI/EPA)
By Dénes Albert
1 Min Read

President Joe Biden is facing criticism for kissing Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s forehead, resulting in a video of the incident going viral on social media.

One post from left-wing journalist Max Granger, which received over 1.7 million views, claimed that Biden kissed a “fascist” Meloni on the head.

The rush to criticize Biden is connected to his long history of inappropriately touching women, especially small children. Many of these incidents have been caught on film and cut together into embarrassing clips. Biden has been accused of “sniffing” hair as well, with critics pointing out that he should restrain himself when interacting with other world leaders and respect their personal space.

Biden is facing increasing pressure, with polls showing that Trump is leading him in all seven battleground states, according to a poll conducted by Bloomberg News.

Meanwhile, U.S. TV personality Dr. Phil suggested on Fox News that President Biden should take a cognitive exam, saying that “people that have nothing to hide, hide nothing.” He added that instead of denying his age, Biden should “lean into it.”

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