Biden’s election victory means acceleration of the neo-Marxist revolution, says Polish Ordo Iuris lawyer

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Democratic Party politicians recently claimed that they would want to replace terms such as “mother”, “father”, “son”, and “daughter” with more “gender-neutral” words such as “parent” and “child”. The director of the Ordo Iuris Institute Center for International Law Karolina Pawłowska commented on this development, while also referring to what Joe Biden’s victory meant for Western society. “We can unfortunately see that along with president Donald Trump’s loss in America, rapid and negative changes concerning the functioning of the political theater will take place. They are aiming to undermine basic social institutions to the whims of radical activists,” she said in the interview for portal .

Pawłowska believes that these actions are meant to conduct deep social engineering in the US whose main goal is to make humans completely powerless against public institutions by stripping humanity of its basic structures. She warned that this phenomenon was dangerous and due to Biden’s victory, the situation may take a turn for the worse and the changes will be introduced much more rapidly. The lawyer emphasized that Biden bends under the pressure from radical demands concerning the protection of human life and family. This will impact not only in the US, but will also lead to a change in policy by the US on the international arena. Ordo Iuris Karolina Pawłowska emphasized, that Biden bends under the pressure from radical demands concerning the protection of human life and family. Pawłowska explained that in that last few years, protection of life, family and fundamental rights was one of the key areas of US foreign policy which was expressed in its actions in the United Nations. She reminded that the US, along with Brazil, Poland and Hungary initiated a coalition in the UN called the “Partnership for Families”.

Its crowning achievements was passing the so-called Geneva Consensus on Octt. 22, 2020, which entailed that abortion can never be considered a human right, that every life should be protected, and that family is the fundamental social cell that society rests on. “Given the current situation, it is almost certain that the US will leave this alliance and go over to the other side. The change of president in the US will probably strongly influence the UN where radical concepts are often the topic of deliberations and resolutions,” Pawłowska said. “Amen” and “Awomen” The lawyer also spoke in context of a Democrat representative ending a prayer inaugurating the US Sessions of Congress with the words “amen” and “awoman”. Amen does not even refer to males, but is Latin for “so be it”. She emphasized that the goal of such a narrative is to create the perception that we live in a world founded by male oppression and domination, which is to be shown even in words which we use on an everyday basis.

“In the case of the word “amen” it is a total abuse, as it has not association with men or men and means “so be it”,” she said, adding that a feeling of systematic discrimination is meant to be created in a religious context and installed into the nation’s social consciousness, Pawłowska stressed that neo-Marxist theories are using the different issues in functioning of certain social groups to explain the need to conduct social engineering. This is the same rhetoric used by Marxists who claimed that abolishing private property would help create a perfect world. “We know very well that is not what happened,” she added. An estimated 100 million people were killed under communist rule across the world during the 20th century.

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