Brutal attack on German AfD MP

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Frank Magnitz is the chief of the AfD for Bremen. In May that region will elect its assembly. Currently the party holds four out of 83 seats in that assembly. However, it now has 94 out of 709 deputies in the Bundestag. 

This is a dark day for German democracy

The AfD politician was attacked in the center of Bremen by three masked men when he left the city hall after a New Year reception. The fact that a passerby disturbed the assailants probably saved Mr Magnitz’s life. 

“Deputy @AfD to the Bundestag brutally beaten by left wing agitators. When I say that the level of political aggression in Germany is higher than in Poland I am met with disbelief,” wrote on twitter TVP correspondent in Berlin Cezary Gmyz.

AfD has published a photograph of Frank Magnitz which shows him in a critical condition on social media. The comment on the post says “This is a dark day for German democracy.” 

The office of the AfD in Dobeln, Saxony, was bombed last Thursday. Commenting on the incident the deputy PM of the Saxony Land government Martin Dulig (SPD) said that AfD should be contested politically but not by physical violence. “Violence is not a democratic tool,” he said. 

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