Budapest Stock Exchange trade volume rose by 6.7% in 2018

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Even with that small decline in the index, the BÉT had a better performance than most other European Exchanges and daily turnover rose to HUF 11.4 billion (US$40.6 million) while annual trade volume rose to HUF 2,791 billion (US$9.95 billion).

Just like last year, shares of the four so-called “blue chip” companies (bank group OTP, oil and gas group MOL, pharma company Richter and Magyar Telekom) accounted for 89% of the turnover.

Three companies advanced into the premium category and for the first time the exchange also lists regulated real estate investment companies as well.

The capitalization of BÉT rose by 5.3% or HUF 80 billion (US$285 million) and has reached 20% of the country’s GDP. BÉT is the second largest stock exchange in Central and Eastern Europe by market capitalization and liquidity.


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