Controversial priest Piťha not allowed to preach in Italy

A sermon by Petr Piťha about the end of the traditional family got a lot of attention. According to Lidové Noviny, he also planned to preach in a very similar way in the Italian town of Arco until his sermon there got canceled.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Piťha was supposed to visit Arco on the occasion of a ceremonial unveiling of a statue of St. Wenceslas, the Czech nation’s patron, a few days prior to the Czech national day celebrating him. Originally, the Archbishop and cardinal Dominik Duka was invited, however he offered his place to Piťha as he was not able to attend due to his tight schedule.

Later, the Prague Chapter in a brief official statement claimed that Piťha won’t be preaching in Arco due to diplomatic reasons. According to information Lidové Noviny gathered, it wasn’t the Czech Embassy’s order, but because of flaws in the event’s organization. For example, after several changes, the Czech guest was given only a three-minute-long slot.

“An unforgiven fanaticism of Islamists is behind the migration, but we are to blame for the migrants’ surge as we got eroded by a long-term well-being,” was supposed to be a part of the sermon. 


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