Cooperation between the Czech and Polish Book Festival

The International Book Fair and Literary Festival Book World Prague 2020 will introduce Polish authors in cooperation with the Warsaw Book Festival, which will present Czech authors in Poland.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The aim of the collaboration with the Warsaw Book Festival is to improve the promotion of Czech authors in Poland and to increase the saleability of their books. In Poland, dozens of Czech titles, including top-selling contemporary artists, are published every year. The Warsaw Book Festival is taking place from May 21st to 24th, 2020.

“Czech literature has an exceptional position in Poland: 25 to 28 Czech titles are published annually in Poland, and Polish readers know us well,” said Tomáš Kubíček, Director of Moravian Regional Library. In cooperation with several libraries in Poland, the Moravian Regional Library plans to publish a database of Czech and Polish book titles.

The honorary guest this year is Latin America, but preparations for next year in cooperation with Poland are already underway. The director of Book World Prague, Radovan Auer, stressed that so far, there has been no such cooperation in the field of literature between the Czech Republic and Poland.

“Polish culture is close to us, and Czech culture is even closer to the Poles, so in a way, we go to an explored area, which is an advantage over Latin America this year,” Auer added.

This year’s 25th festival is taking place from May  9th to 12th in Prague’s Holešovice. The main theme is Memory and Memories. Writers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Peru, including several holders of prestigious literary prizes, have promised to join the fair.


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