Criminal underworld takes over Sweden as gang membership soars to 62,000

By Thomas Brooke
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Authored by Peter Imanuelsen via his Substack, “The Freedom Corner with PeterSweden.”

A new report from the Swedish police has recently been published, and it shows that something has gone terribly wrong in Sweden.

According to the latest police report, some 62,000 people in Sweden are connected to criminal gangs. To put this into perspective, consider that Sweden is a small country with only 10.4 million people.

“We are talking about system-threatening crime with a large capacity for violence that silences witnesses, threatens social workers, and infiltrates authorities and political parties,” Justice Minister Gunnar Strömmer said at a recent press conference. “In the long run, the criminal networks threaten our free and open society.”

What makes things even more bleak is that a huge 5,400 people under the age of 18 are connected to criminal gangs. In other words, we have thousands of children doing the work of the gangs. How could the situation get this bad?

Police Chief Petra Lundh estimates that the real number of people connected to gangs in Sweden is in fact likely to be higher.

“This is not only a police issue. This is significantly bigger than that. It is a common societal problem,” she warned.

The new right-wing government in Sweden has already begun to take measures against the criminal gangs, even going so far as to deploy the military to assist police in fighting the gangs.

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I have been reporting on the problems in Sweden for many years. The mainstream media on the other hand has consistently tried to ignore or downplay the crisis.

They have called me names like “conspiracy theorist” or “far-right” because I was reporting the truth about what was about to happen in Sweden, with the problem of criminal gangs taking over society.

But sadly I was correct

Now the mainstream media has been forced to cover this issue, as it cannot be ignored any longer.

We now have around 60 no-go zones in Sweden, with the police describing some of these as “lawless areas.”

We also have a bombing crisis in Sweden. In 2023, there were 149 bombing attacks — a new record high. This is unprecedented for a country that is not at war. Sweden, which was once known as one of the most peaceful countries on earth, now has one of the highest bombing rates in the entire world.

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So, what went wrong?

Sweden also has a rape crisis. Some years ago, the mainstream media ridiculed people like me as “conspiracy theorists” for sounding the alarm on the insane number of rapes happening in the country.

Now it is common knowledge that Sweden has one of the highest number of rapes in the world, a disaster.

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So what went wrong in Sweden? Nobody in the mainstream media wants to talk about the elephant in the room.

Decades of Socialist policies have destroyed Sweden.

Let’s just hope it is not too late to turn this ship around.

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