Czech and Polish Foreign Ministers satisfied with meeting in Warsaw

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Czech Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček was satisfied with the way the Czech Republic and Poland dealt with the current issue of illegal migration. According to the Czech and Polish ministers, both countries want to cooperate with countries which share a similar point of view.

“We, together with Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, have a joint project with Italy, where we want to address some issues, for example protection of coasts in Libya,” Petříček said. He also wants to cooperate with Poland on strengthening European security. In connection with security, Petríček spoke with Polish Foreign Minister Czaputowicz about the Polish effort to create a base for US soldiers in the country.

They also discussed cooperation in building transport and energy infrastructure. However, they did not agree with the planned Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany. While Poland does not agree with the plans, the Czech Republic, which imports the vast majority of gas from Germany, does not have a problem with the construction.

The ministers also agreed to coordinate the preparations for the forthcoming presidency in the V4, when the Czech Republic begins its presidency in the middle of 2019 and Poland will take over the leadership of the group a year later. So the country wants to ensure the V4 will speak with one voice and better promote its interests in the EU.

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