Danko doubts EU sanctions against Poland and Hungary

The sanctions of the European Union against Hungary and Poland are not the way to go, said Andrej Danko Parliamentary Chairman (SNS) in Košice after the informal meeting of the V4’s parliamentary leaders.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Danko believes the Slovak parliament, following the Czech pattern should accept a resolution in which the MP’s support the concept of defending sovereign member states within the European Union. The chairman of the parliament is planning to meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and other members of the Slovak government to discuss the initiative and decide on further steps regarding this matter.

Danko believes the parliament should declare that everything has to be done for a mutual dialogue of Hungary and the institutions of the European Union. This dialogue should answer all the issues and should be led in a constructive spirit without any negative effects on cooperation. The politician claimed, in similar situations the most important is to renew lost trust and overcome the barriers separating opposing sides.


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