Data on Polish economy is absolutely shocking, says Polish economist

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The scale of rebound in the Polish industry is incredible and the services sector is soon to follow, said economist and market analyst Ignacy Morawski in a recent interview with Polish media outlet Next.

Morawski admitted that when he looked at some data on Poland’s economy, he was “pushed into his chair. In the case of basically any piece of data, it is better than expected. Polish export is speeding along as it never had.”

He explained that he expected the rebound after the lockdown to be strong due to the scale of public support in developed countries. Nevertheless, the strength of the rebound in winter during the conditions of a gigantic epidemic wave was surprising.

Morawski added that while many companies had gone bankrupt due to the pandemic, many others are experiencing an El Dorado. He listed companies producing electronics, domestic appliances, furniture and parts to appliances.

“We are an industrial hub for all of Europe, just like China is an industrial hub for the world. If owing to all the government financial shields people feel secure in the West and will not limit spending, and they will also move demand from services to appliances or furniture, then it so happens that Poland produces these things,” he said.