Delegation from Brussels has concerns about Slovakia

editor: REMIX NEWS

During the two-day visit, the delegation also monitored corruption cases, which they believe undermine the principles of the rule of law. In’t Veld also indirectly criticized Tibor Gašpar because the former police chief was employed as an adviser of the ministers of Interior in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic following his resignation.

The murder of the journalist Ján Kuciak was the main subject of the delegation’s fact-finding tirp. Kuciak was killed along with his fiancée in a double homicide, and at the time of the murder, the investigative journalist was working on cases indirectly connected to former Prime Minister Robert Fico. In’t Veld believes that Slovakia is actively pursuing the case but not visibly moreso than other cases. The MEP also express concerns about the fact that those state official who were removed from posts following the crime quickly found other positions in the state apparatus.

In ‘t Veld also made mention of the kidnapping of Vietnamese businessman and communist official Trinh Xuan Thanh who traveled from Berlin on a plan provided by then Minister of Interior of Slovakia Róbert Kaliňák.


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