‘Diversity is an anti-White conspiracy’ – Matt Walsh joins ranks of influential journalists challenging diversity and immigration dogmas

By John Cody
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Matt Walsh, one of the most influential journalists in the United States, has said that diversity is an anti-White conspiracy while speaking on the Matt Walsh Show, hosted by the Daily Wire media outlet. The comment by Walsh demonstrates how a number of mainstream journalists and conservative activists are increasingly challenging growing anti-White sentiment in the West and the push for diversity.

“My concern is this, that if you still have any confusion about what these diversity initiatives actually are, well, this should clear it up: Diversity absolutely means anti-White. That’s what it means. All diversity initiatives are anti-White initiatives. Anytime you hear about any kind of diversity initiative anywhere, whether it’s in government, in corporations, in any institution at all, it is an anti-White initiative. Diversity is an anti-white conspiracy,” said Walsh.

Walsh appeared to preempt any attempt to make him back down from the statements, calling on people to clip what he was saying and post it to social media.

“And you can clip that and cut it and post it on Twitter because I know you will, because that’s what it is. And if you ever doubted it, well, here you go.”

Walsh, who also writes a column for the Daily Wire, has made a name for himself as an outspoken activist for women’s rights in relation to the issue of transgenderism, arguing, for instance, that biological women should have the right to play sports only with biological women. It is one of the many issues he explored in his acclaimed documentary, “What is a Woman?

Walsh has also been increasingly outspoken about anti-White sentiment in the modern West, including related to the issue of mass immigration. In February of this year, Walsh defended Dilbert comic creator Scott Adams for his monologue advising White people to avoid Blacks after a poll from Rasmussen showed a majority of Blacks did not agree with the statement: “It’s OK to be White.”

Adams landed in hot water when he said: “If nearly half of all Blacks are not okay with White people … that’s a hate group,” he told his audience. “I don’t want to have anything to do with them. And I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to White people is to get the hell away from Black people… because there is no fixing this.”

Walsh, in his segment on Adams having his “Dilbert” comic canceled from syndication in newspapers across the country, said:

Adams in the video joked that he’s been identifying as Black for some time, but must have accidentally joined a hate group based on a recent Rasmussen poll. The poll that surveyed 1,000 people showed that 53% of black people agreed with the statement, ‘It’s OK to be white’, leaving 47 percent unable to say they agree.

Now, call me a contrarian. I’ve been told worse than that. But it would seem to me that the headline of this story is not what the Dilbert guy said on some Youtube video, given that he’s just one guy expressing a viewpoint that is clearly rejected by every powerful institution in our society. But rather, the story is the survey, which would seem to indicate widespread racial animosity in the American population. So when I heard this, that’s the first thing that I noticed. I said, Well, wait a second. What about this survey? The mainstream media would have us believe that the roundly rejected and condemned opinion of one man is a greater concern and a much more urgent national crisis than the racist viewpoints revealed in the poll that he was reacting to.

Adams made a name for himself with his political commentary, which he started around 2015, and has a large audience following his podcasts. He has continued to address the topic of Black-on-White violence and Asian-and-White violence despite facing cancelation.

In his podcast, Adams mockingly says that the algorithms on social media, which shows Black people assaulting other groups, must be “racist” since that was all he saw in his feeds. He suggested that social media networks also show videos of White and Asians beating up Black people, which he says, “must exist.”

So visual persuasion is very racist and misleading. And at the moment there’s this whole bunch of racist videos of only Black people beating up white people and Asian Americans. Now, what is anybody gonna think? Forget about the data. Forget about the data. What is everybody gonna think if their news sources and their social media are feeding them this constant stream of things that would make them in — let’s say a reflexive persuaded way, not a thinking way — but sort of a reflexive way to cause people to have a bad feeling about Black Americans. Terribly unfair…

So, I think we have to go all the way down to the social media algorithm level, and maybe Elon Musk can fix that and Zuckerberg could look into it, and fix that, so that we’re served up at least an equal amount of White kids beating up Black kids and Asian Americans like targeting Black Americans on the street and that stuff. Because if we got something that was more like balanced, then it’s not going to look all racist.

What do you mean it doesn’t exist? No, it must exist because we wouldn’t be talking about it this way if it didn’t exist.

Obviously, it exists. Obviously, it exists. So all of you racists who are just tweeting around these violent things of Black people beating up other people, just know that you’re working with the racist algorithm, and between the racist algorithm and you, you’re not making anything better. So, just be aware of that.

The issue of Black-on-White interracial violence has perhaps been most notably addressed by Twitter owner and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk, who last month responded to a meme that mocks media’s fixation on White-on-Black crime.

Musk, who is far from a conservative and said he voted for Joe Biden in 2020, which he now says he regrets, also responded to a video where an Asian influencer talks about the disproportionately high murder rate in the Black community.

The idea that such a notable figure as Musk would be addressing these issues would have been unheard of just years ago.

Besides Walsh, other big conservative names have taken up hot-button issues in recent years, including Turning Point USA leader Charlie Kirk, who said following the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan:

“President Joe Biden’s Department of Defense will accept 30,000 Afghan refugees into military installations following the collapse of Kabul. Boom, political transformation. Let the country crumble. Do you know there’s 5 million displaced people in Afghanistan now? This was all intentional. Joe Biden let it fall apart to now say, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry.’ … 

“Do you see what’s going on here? What’s going on here is Joe Biden wants a couple of hundred thousand more Ilhan Omars to come into America to change the body politic permanently.”

In another video from 2021, he says “The other side has openly admitted that this is about bringing in voters that they want, and they like, and honestly, diminishing and decreasing White demographics in America. We’re going to say that part out loud because so many people in the corporate media are afraid to talk about it.”

He also said in a speech in 2021, “Just because you’re a white person does not mean you have to begin apologizing simply for how God made you.”

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is perhaps the most prominent conservative figure in the United States to address anti-White racism and the issue of demographic change in the United States.

He also pointed out in another segment that “the party of diversity is led by people who strongly prefer all White neighborhoods.

The bigger problem is a lack of diversity. Immigrants are supposed to make America more diverse, but in practice, they usually head to places that are already pretty diverse. Brooklyn, for example, is only 35% White. Pretty diverse. One place they almost never go is to towns where Democratic voters live. Strangely, and you can check this if you want, it’s on the internet, the party of diversity is led by people who strongly, overwhelmingly prefer all White neighborhoods for themselves and their families, and that’s just weird. No diversity for the diversity promoters. No doubt it’s an oversight. They just haven’t thought of it, but we can fix it. We can do this…

Next stop on the equity train has got to be Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a natural. Joe Biden took 70% of the vote on that small Massachusetts island. Over the past four years, according to FEC data, 92% of all donations from its biggest town, Edgartown, Massachusetts, went to the Democratic Party. So, you probably imagine Edgartown is pretty diverse. I mean, the Obamas live on the island right? No, in fact, we checked. At last count, Edgartown is 95.7% White. What century is this? As of 2019, only 3% of all people, all residents in Edgartown were born outside of this country. So, do the math. That’s 17 people total. That’s effectively zero diversity, which means zero strength.  

Many smaller voices have been addressing the issues of anti-White racism and demographic replacement for years. Many of these same voices are also critics of more mainstream figures like Kirk, Walsh and Carlson, claiming they briefly touch on these topics but fear dwelling on them or developing these thoughts further due to claims of racism and threats of cancelation. There may be some truth to these claims, but ultimately, it shows the Overton window on these vital issues has dramatically shifted.

The question is now whether White people in the West will be able to capitalize on this shift in discourse and challenge anti-White racism as well as the demographic change brought on by mass immigration.

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