Does Tom Cruise want to blow up a historic bridge in Poland?

Is it a Mission Impossible for Tom?

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Do Rzeczy/Twitter

The bridge in question is located in Pilichowice (Lower Silesia) and is 114 years old.

One of Poland’s most scenic and beautiful rail routes runs through the bridge, which was reconstructed in 1945 after it was partially destroyed by the Germans. It has been used in a couple of movies as a set piece and has even shown up in a video game. The rail line has been out of service since 2017.

Earlier this year, information was leaked that the bridge will be used as a set piece for the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7 movie.

The producer responsible for the Polish shots for the film confirmed the plans concerning the bridge, including the plan for its destruction.

Shooting was scheduled to begin in April 2021 and the Americans, according to the producer, would pay for the bridge’s reconstruction and the revitalization of the railway.

The Lower Silesia administration released a statement in which it contradicted the producer’s claims. Many locals also protested the plan to use the bridge, as did local authorities. The Voivodship monument protection office also initiated a notion to add the bridge into the register of monuments, to protect it.

The Polish General Conserver of Monuments, Magdalena Gawin recently referred to the issue on social media, pointing out that fears of the bridge being demolished are unfounded due to an amendment to monument protection from 2017.

“The bridge in Pilichowice – owing to the amendment from 2017, ever since the process to include the bridge into the monument registry was initiated, the whole monument is under strict protection. This is why any fears of its demolition are unfounded,” she said.


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