Donald Trump Jr: ‘Hungary is Europe’s last hope’

Trump Jr. says his father would end the war in Ukraine if elected president.

By Dénes Albert
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Businessman Donald Trump Jr., the son of former U.S. President Donald Trump, spoke about the U.S. elections, domestic politics and world politics in a lecture at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium in Budapest on Thursday.

During the panel discussion “The World as seen through the eyes of Donald Trump Jr.,” organized by Mathias Corvinus College (MCC), Donald Trump Jr. spoke about the obstacles to conservative forces in the current political climate.

“Common sense is anything but common these days in government, in education, in the world at large, and in every institution we interact with every day,” he said, adding that American conservative circles look to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as a great leader who puts Hungary first. Trump Jr. stated that he feels that conservative interests are being properly promoted throughout Hungary.

During the panel discussion, Trump Jr. said that “Hungary is Europe’s last hope.”

Trump Jr. said he has explored the broader links between institutional corruption and media bias, highlighting the erosion of public trust in the democratic process in the United States. He attributes the prosecution and conviction of his father to this corruption and bias.

“If they did it to him, they’ll do it to anyone,” he said. Donald Trump Jr. drew attention to the uniqueness of this year’s U.S. elections, as two of the candidates running for president have already held the role for one term.

Finally, when asked what Donald Trump’s first step would be if he wins the U.S. elections, he answered the immediate end of the Russia-Ukraine war and strongly criticized the upcoming peace summit in Switzerland, to which Russia was not invited.

Donald Trump Jr. is, among other things, a political public figure, television personality and serves as the executive vice president of operations for the Trump Organization, which also manages the Trump estate.

SOURCES:Magyar Nemzet
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