Education in Austria needs reform to withstand immigration

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Vienna is less and less mixed, also more and more immigrant neighborhoods are arising across Austria. Those parallel societies are bad for us, we must separate Muslims and mix the population more. It is still harder to teach as you must overcome religious and cultural obstacles first. Strikingly enough, the fluency in German is also worse even when the children were born in Austria.

Wiesinger said, that politicians in Austria do not have courage to do something with this issue. According to her, politicians do not talk about education problems, fearing that it would raise the popularity of FPÖ that is perceived as a populist party against immigration.

Although children want to live the European way, they simply cannot. They do not have contact with Austrian children, strong religious roots and excluded neighborhoods are pushing them away from the Austrian way of life. Therefore, Wiesinger thinks that Austria needs more social workers, but also policemen and another housing policy for more mixing. “In my point of view, being a Social Democrat means taking care of the weakest in our society. The children I work with are definitely among them,” she said.

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