Pro-migration forces on the attack: EU passes resolution against Hungary and Poland

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The European Parliament (EP) passed a non-binding resolution expressing concerns about the rule of law in Hungary and Poland on Thursday, which Hungarian MEP Balázs Hidvéghi said was yet another attack from pro-migration forces against two countries that stand up for their national interests.

“This is yet another action of the pro-migration forces to apply pressure,” Hidvéghi said, adding that the resolution was another blatant case of applying double standards.

The European Parliament adopted the resolution with 446 yes votes against 178 no votes and 41 abstentions.

In the case of Hungary, it primarily questioned the independence of the judiciary, freedom of speech, corruption, minority rights, and the situation of immigrants and refugees. The resolution also says that discussions with Hungary and Poland regarding the observance of the fundamental values of the European Union have so far yielded no results.

Hidvéghi said after the parliamentary session that the pro-migration forces, in concert with various persons and organizations belonging to George Soros’s network, are behind the move to discredit the country.

He added that the resolution’s referral to the rule of law was but a “cover story”, whereas in reality Hungary is in a protracted fight against pro-migration forces.

“Hungary will not yield in these issues. We will resist, regardless of what pressure they apply. Hungarian people have made a clear decision and we will act accordingly,”Hidvéghi said.

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