EU citizens are sick of mass migration and want Ukraine to negotiate a ceasefire with Putin, EU-wide poll reveals

More than 7 in 10 Europeans think their country takes in too many migrants, while just 39 percent across the bloc think that Europe "needs immigration today"

FILE - Migrants, mainly from sub-Saharan Africa, are stopped by the Tunisian Maritime National Guard at sea during an attempt to get to Italy, near the coast of Sfax, Tunisia, Tuesday, April 18, 2023. (AP Photo, File)
By Thomas Brooke
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An overwhelming majority of EU citizens are against the mass migration policy imposed on them by Brussels and their respective governments and do not believe that Europe needs migration to address its demographic challenges, a damning new poll has revealed.

The survey conducted by BVA Xsight shone a light on the views of Europeans on the current migration crisis ahead of next month’s European Parliamentary elections.

Four out of five respondents in every EU member state believed the bloc needed to take more action to combat illegal immigration. Danes and Luxembourgers (79 percent) agreed with this statement the least despite still overwhelming majorities, while Portuguese citizens agreed with it the most (91 percent).

When asked whether quotas needed to be set for all EU member states to receive their fair share of new arrivals to the bloc, respondents from the four Visegrád nations of Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, and Poland were the least enthusiastic.

Czech citizens were most against the proposal — a key factor of the EU migration pact — with just 39 percent agreeing that migrant quotas were necessary. Czechia was followed by Hungary (49 percent), Slovakia (50 percent), and Poland (59 percent).

Despite a clear majority among all but three (Czechia, Hungary, and Slovakia) EU member states for migrant quotas, there was also a majority in every nation that believed their country takes in too many migrants.

Respondents from Greece (90 percent), Cyprus (84 percent), the Netherlands (79 percent), Ireland (78 percent), and Austria and Germany (77 percent) were the most dissatisfied with the current levels of immigration permitted by their respective governments.

Similarly, just 39 percent of all EU citizens believe that Europe “needs immigration today,” with no country holding a majority view in favor of the statement.

Czechia (17 percent), Estonia (17 percent), Bulgaria (19 percent), Latvia (21 percent), and Hungary (22 percent) were the most against the feeling that migration to Europe is necessary.

Europeans want a ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia

The survey also asked respondents how they felt the European Union should proceed when it comes to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

While 61 percent of EU citizens said the bloc should “strengthen its support for Ukraine,” the only proposal offered by the poll to receive a majority was in favor of maintaining economic sanctions against Russia (59 percent).

Those in favor of the bloc increasing its economic aid to Ukraine (48 percent), increasing its military aid to Ukraine (45 percent), and taking in more Ukrainian refugees (43 percent) were all in the minority.

Fewer than a quarter (22 percent) of Europeans supported the bloc taking military action by sending troops to the wartorn country.

On the contrary, over 6 in 10 Europeans (63 percent) wanted the European Union to “negotiate a ceasefire” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A majority in favor of a ceasefire was seen in every nation with the exception of the Baltics, namely Lithuania (34 percent), Latvia (38 percent), and Estonia (39 percent).

Those strongest in favor of a ceasefire were Italians (76 percent), Hungarians (74 percent), and Bulgarians (73 percent).

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