First 4.0 technology photovoltaic farm launched in Poland

The new KGHM ZANAM photovoltaic farm in Legnica (Lower Silesia) is the first fully computerized and automated power plant using 4.0 technology

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Forsal

The photovoltaic farm constructed by KGHM Polish Copper Zanam in Legnica, Lower Silesia, is operating using the newest 4.0 technology. KGHM emphasized in a statement that this investment is part of the company’s strategy to increase its energy self-sufficiency and use renewable energy sources.
KGHM CEO Marcin Chludziński explained that the company’s goal by 2030 is to supply half of their energy needs from their own sources, including renewable ones.
“This is an incredibly ambitious goal in the mining industry. We are not wasting time and are developing photovoltaic projects,” he said.
The new photovoltaic farm is the first fully computerized and automated power plant functioning via 4.0 technology. This means that the faculty is equipped with a virtual depository and a modern High Resolution Monitoring System that permits precise and complete diagnostics of the technical state of the plant 24/7. The annual energy production level will reach approximately 3 gigawatts per hour.
The head of KGHM ZANAM Bernard Cichocki said that the photovoltaic farm was constructed according to guidelines on the development of photovoltaic energy from the International Energy Agency.
“This is a contribution to fulfilling the policy of a low-emission energy economy in KGHM,” he added.
KGHM also stated that some solutions used in the new power plant offer numerous possibilities, such as the configuration of automatic alarms, which shorten the reaction time against potential flaws.
The company noted that apart from the KGHM ZANAM investment, it is also conducting two more photovoltaic projects.
KGHM underlined that these are all part of its strategic program to obtain clean energy from wind farms, increase production from the company’s own gas sources and develop photovoltaic farms.
KGHM ZANAM belongs to the KGHM Polska Miedź (Polish Copper) Group, which is a “strategic company,” that is, one of the biggest Polish state-owned companies.


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