Gazprom knows it is losing Poland

Russian gas giant Gazprom is on the verge of losing the Polish market. Poland’s recent LNG investments and the Baltic Pipe have sent the Russian media into a scramble.

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“The contracted amounts of LNG gas, own mining and planned supply through the Baltic pipe will allow Poland to completely resign itself from purchasing Russian gas,” reports Russia’s “Wiedomosti” while commenting on Poland’s recent 24-year LNG deal with the USA.

The signing of a contract between PGNiG and Cheniere Marketing International, which foresees significant LNG supply from the USA, has started to worry the Russian media.

Poland is continuing its struggle in becoming independent of Gazprom

These worries are not surprising, as Gazprom may lose its fifth largest, after Germany, Italy, the UK and France, gas recipient.

“Poland is continuing its struggle in becoming independent of Gazprom,” comments “Wiedomosti”. 


In October 2018, the Polish Petroleum Mining and Gas Industry (PGNiG) signed a historic 20-year trade agreement over LNG gas with US companies, followed in November by another deal for 25 years. 

The Baltic Pipe is a planned natural gas pipeline between Denmark and Poland. When completed, it will transport gas from Norway to Poland via Denmark.


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