Germany: Syrian man who killed his wife claims Sharia law allowed him to punish her

The man sentenced to life imprisonment

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody

A 37-year-old Syrian man convicted last week of murdering his wife in Germany and stabbing her lover said he was following Sharia law, which allows him to punish his wife.

The accused Syrian killed his 36-year-old wife with a knife in her Rastatt apartment on Sept. 20 of 2020 after kicking her door down. Her lover escaped with several stab wounds. The police arrested the suspect on the same day at the Rastatt train station. According to the investigators, the couple had quarreled earlier, and the man had reportedly received a warning from the police the evening before the crime.

The Baden-Baden regional court in southwestern Germany sentenced the man to life imprisonment for the murder and assault in a ruling last Wednesday. An early release from prison after 15 years is almost impossible, Die Welt reports.

However, the judge took into consideration the heinous nature of the crime., calling it an “ungodly act”. The judge said that the 37-year-old was aware of the consequences from the start and downright “slaughtered” his wife.

The judge said the man was proud of what he had done and relied on Sharia law, which claims that it is appropriate to punish one’s wife. It was clear to him that he would go to jail for her murder, which he told to his brother before the murder.

The judgment is not yet final, though. The man’s defense lawyer had demanded a lighter sentence and argued his client was only guilty of manslaughter. The defendant himself was silent in court.


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