“God, honor, homeland” on the front of Polish passports

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The ministry of the interior has informed that the new design is to celebrate the centenary of Poland regaining its independence and that the figures chosen for commemoration in the design were picked via a poll conducted on the internet. The passport will be valid for ten years and will be issued according to biometric standards in use since 2006.

However, the ministry has not commented on the fact that on one of the pages of the passport there appears the historic military Polish motto “God, honor, homeland.” This patriotic and religious inscription has caused a storm on social media.

“In God we trust”

Some support the measure, but others argue that it violates the secular and civilian nature of the Polish state.

Former Ombudsman in communist times Prof. Ewa Łętowska argues that “the use of the motto lacks constitutional tact” as the preamble of the constitution does not single out any single faith.

Robert Biedroń, the gay activist now forming a new political party commented sarcastically on Facebook and Twitter. “God, honor, homeland” on new passports. Modern, secular state in a nutshell…”

In reply, Twitter user Marcin Wojtkowiak posted a picture of one US dollar note with the inscription “In God We trust” and asked Biedroń: “And what will you say? This is also a secular state”:


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