Humanity is our biggest weakness, the terrorists are not afraid of us

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This case immediately generated a huge international debate, but it is necessary to look at it from a different perspective. The Afghan soldier was not suspected of any crime, the guy was shot and killed but he has comrades waiting in the wings. So, what to do? behave humanely or tougher? The attackers are not afraid of us.

For a better understanding, we can simulate the case in the Czech Republic. Let’s say, there is a terrorist attack in Prague; several people are killed. The terrorist is detained, but he arrived in Prague with a larger group of people of the same nationality. He refuses to communicate, and you know that in any moment another terrorist attack may come.

You have to decide whether to treat him humanely and hope he voluntarily reveal something, or to get tougher and try to get key information. The decision is up to you. If you do nothing, there may be more dead people. But when you get tough, you risk being prosecution. And now, how to decide.

A similar scenario could have played out in Afghanistan. The biggest problem is that the terrorists we are fighting against perceive our humaneness as our weakness and count on it in their plans. Those who attack us are not afraid of us.

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