Hungarian practice is fully in line with EU requirements

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Hungary did not take part in the debate because it was divorced from reality and the only goal of MEP Sargentini and other pro-migration politicians calling themselves left-liberals was to gear up for the approaching European elections, Kovács siad.

Hungary must not take part in a process in which pro-migration forces use the European institutions for their political campaign goals

The role of the EP and the European Commission is not to provide an arena for condemning dissenting member states, but to foster meaningful dialogue, he said, adding that the European Union does not have a comprehensive set of criteria based upon which it could even properly asses the rule of law in any given member state. “It is simply impossible to set up objective criteria based upon which countries can be held accountable for the principles now quoted by Brussels,” he said.

He also said that Hungary is not prepared to make concessions in any of the issues discussed in Brussels because “there are no measures (of the Hungarian government) which go against the practice of the European Union”.

Kovács said the left-liberal European press parading as independent is running an opinion terror and disinformation campaign against certain countries.

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