Hungary misses Euro 2020 after loss to Wales

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With its defensive line beset by injuries, Hungary lost 2-0 its final match against Wales in Cardiff and failed to make it past the Euro 2020 qualifiers, conservative daily Magyar Nemzet reports.

Ryan Giggs’ “Dragons” scored an unequivocal victory over Hungary, with Aaron Ramsey’s double in the 15th and 46th minute of the match.

During the match, Hungary only had one good chance for a goal in the 33rd minute but goalkeeper Wayne Hennesey managed to kick out the ball and defeat the rebuttal as well.

Wales has now finished second in Group E of the qualifiers with 14 points and will head to the Euro 2020 final together with group leader Croatia.

Two teams each from the ten qualification groups have made it into the final tournament, with another four places still available. These four places will be decided next March at the League of Nations tournament, which will give Hungary a small chance to be in the final tournament.

Title image: Gareth Bale (L) and Zsolt Nagy (R) fight for the ball in Cardiff on November 19 (MTI/Tamás Kovács)

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