Hungary’s ruling parties more popular than the opposition

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If the elections for the European Parliament were to be held this Sunday, the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat coalition would win 60 percent of the available mandates, the poll showed. In terms of MEP seats, this would mean 13 for the governing coalition, four for far-right Jobbik, three for the jointly running Socialists and Democratic Coalition and one seat for the greens LMP.

At the last European Parliament elections in 2014 the Fidesz-Christian Democrat coalition won 12 seats, Jobbik three, the Socialists and the Democratic Coalition two each, and one seat each was won by LMP and the Together-PM coalition.

Nézőpont Institute said that among the total population support for the ruling coalition stood at 39 percent, meaning that after more than eight years in power they still remained more popular than all the opposition parties put together. Jobbik’s popularity stood at 10 percent while the splinter group Our Homeland Movement was at one percent.

On the left, the battle for dominance was gearing up. The Socialists’ popularity fell one percentage point to five percent while the Democratic Coalition also stood at five percent, meaning they each had the support of about 400,000 constituents.

The 60 percent voting result projected by the poll for the Fidesz-Christian Democrats also meant that they “may well be the most popular party in their own country within the entire EU”.

The poll was based on canvassing a representative sample of 2,000 people over a three-week period in August-September.


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