Kaczyński calls for unity and says PiS victory will lead to serious change in Poland

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During his speech in support of a PiS candidate in the second election round in Siedlce, East Poland, Kaczyński emphasized his party’s successes. “We can be happy, that we have six voivodeships in whose sejmiks our representatives are the majority. We have a chance to form coalitions in one, two, three or maybe more.”

Kaczyński called for unity and declared readiness to form coalitions with the opposition in local bodies. “We need unity and cooperation but not a total war declared by the opposition,” the chairman of PiS said. 

We need unity and cooperation but not a total war declared by the opposition

Kaczyński is convinced that PiS’ election result will lead to serious changes in Poland. This is due to the powers and rights held by voivodeship authorities.

Kaczyński also stressed that Poland needs to finally catch up with the West. “This is nothing more than demanding that Poland’s GDP grows more rapidly than ever before. So that the wage gap, which has been narrowing for years, will narrow even faster,” he said.

PiS’ main goal is to quickly narrow the gap and then eliminate it entirely. “If we ever want to earn as much as Germans, our GDP must be close to or equal to theirs. Otherwise, miracles won’t happen, we won’t earn as much,” Kaczyński warned.

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