Kaczyński clashes with Wałęsa in court

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The trial against Wałęsa started on Thursday in Gdańsk. Law and Justice’s (PiS) chairman sued Wałęsa for the violation of his personal interests. The issue concerns Wałęsa posting on social media that Kaczyński is to blame for the Smoleńsk catastrophe of 2010. 

The court proposed a conciliatory resolution, which was not accepted.

Before entering the courtroom, the politicians had an exchange of strong words on camera: “Why did I bother with making you a minister?,” Wałęsa asked Kaczyński. “And why did I bother making you President?,” Kaczyński responded

Wałęsa: Why did I bother with making you a minister? 

Kaczyński: And why did I bother making you President?


“I know that the defendant claims that I communicated with my brother [Lech Kaczyński] during the flight and ordered the landing. I never gave such an order and I was unable to give him any orders,” Kaczyński said in court. “The only topic of our conversation was the health of our mother.”

Wałęsa stood by his comment and said it was part of a political debate. 

Kaczyński has demanded an official apology and PLN 30,000 from Wałęsa to be given to charity. The verdict of the court is expected on the 6th of December. 

Hostility between Wałęsa and the Kaczyński brothers dates back to the early 1990s.

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