Krajniak: We are Central Europe, not West or East

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Milan Krajniak, one of the most visible candidates for the Slovak presidency promises that he will appear “more balanced” in foreign politics than Andrej Kiska. Krajniak gave an interview to about his plans and ambitions.

Krajniak, who is one of the leading politicians of Sme Rodina claims that NATO and the European Union membership doesn’t automatically lead to refusing everything that comes from the East.

“We shouldn’t be afraid of behaving more responsibly. Every country has its economic interests what he should follow,” the politician said. He also thinks that even despite the recent diplomatic conflicts with Vietnam a responsible president should visit the Asian country in case of any business opportunity for Slovakia.

“We don’t choose neighbors, those are given,” said Krajniak about the future of the Visegrad Group. He believes that Slovakia luckily has good contacts with the V4 as well as with Austria and Ukraine.

“On the other hand we are Central Europe, not Western or Eastern Europe. It is unrealistic and wrong if someone wants to build on the fact that we are the West or the East,” he added.

Krajniak thinks that the cooperation in Central Europe is helping the country to keep its sanity. “When I saw in the media the photos of Hungarian, Polish, Czech and Slovak policemen patrolling the southern Hungarian border, I was always pleased,” Krajniak concluded.

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