Kremlin: President Duda’s rhetoric against Russia is unacceptable

Andrzej Duda’s statement that Russia is “an abnormal country” has provoked stark criticism from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Do Rzeczy

At a press conference in Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on Polish President Andrzej Duda’s words concerning Russia during the Georgian independence anniversary. In his speech, Duda declared that “Russia is an abnormal country.”

“The Kremlin believes that President Andrzej Duda’s rhetoric that ‘Russia is an abnormal country’ in unacceptable. Moscow strives for positive relations with all of its neighbors, including Warsaw,” Peskov said.

He underlined that the Kremlin has a “very poor reception of such rhetoric. Russia is a friendly, strong, confident, and entirely independent country. Given those characteristics, Russia is searching for friendly relations and mutually beneficial cooperation with all of its neighbors, including Poland.”

The Kremlin spokesman added that he was disappointed by the fact that hatred towards Russia is blinding some Polish politicians, such as the president, and does not allow them to express political wisdom.

On Wednesday, Duda along with the first lady took part in the celebration of Georgia’s independence day. Because Duda was the only foreign leader present at the ceremony, he held a speech as the guest of honor. Part of the president’s speech was devoted to the subject of Russia.

“Aggressive and imperial Russian activity which is stripping people of the ability to develop is robbing them of normal lives and is leading to the destruction of states, and the path to war cannot be accepted by the international community,” Duda said.

He then stressed that “Russia is not a normal country, is not a state which behaves normally. It is an aggressive state, and we can see that in places like this (Georgia).”

President Duda emphasized that if Russia abided international law, then there would not be situations in which regions occupied by Russia would be created. He listed Tskhinvali, South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia as examples of such Russian occupation zones.


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