“Lampart ’18” tested V4’s military cooperation

editor: REMIX NEWS

The “Lampart ‘18” maneuvers involved the cooperation of more than 1,500 soldiers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. They took place in Nowa Dęba, South Poland. The exercises are meant to confirm NATO’s preparation to protect its Eastern flank from external aggression. 

“The cooperation went really well,” says Polish captain Adam Trela. “We spent twenty-four hours a day with each other. During that time we planned and carried out combat together. We also had the opportunity to learn and see the different strategies of our allies.” 

We have a common identity and close work environments allow for understanding

Czech Major Libor Tesar also acknowledged the professionalism of cooperation with other V4 troops: “Our forces have many common attributes. Even if we encounter any difficulties, we are able to overcome them. We have a common identity and close work environments allow for understanding.”

To conduct the difficult military operations, the main language used was English.

The “Lampart ‘18” maneuvers will be continued next year and will take place in the Czech Republic. The exercises improving the cooperation of forces of the V4 are cyclical and each year they are hosted by a different member of the alliance.


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