Lazarevic: Germany has failed to integrate immigrants

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Publicist and journalist Arsen Lazarevic has responded to OECD Secretary-General José Ángel Gurría’s statement that the Czech Republic should be more open to controlled migration and invest in the recruitment of people with the necessary talent.  

Lazarevic said Gurría’s criticism is not fair because the Czech Republic practices a proven policy of controlled gradual migration. Thanks to a strategy called Regime Ukraine, 13,000 Ukrainians have found a job in the country over the past two years.

He added that they are not getting anything for free, and they have to get involved in the labor process. The example of the United States, one of the richest countries per capita in the world, also proves that such an approach is the only one that works, he adds.

Lazarevic also gave an example of Germany, where nearly a million people came in the last three years. According to the current figures, only a quarter of migrants found work, although 1.2 million jobs are available in Germany. He said this proves that most incoming migrants do not have the required qualifications.

“Sexual assaults in Cologne also led many Germans to disappointment with the current immigration policy and re-opened the issue of security risks,” Lazarevic said.

Lazarevic also said Poland is the example of “reasonable immigration policy” for the European Union. Poland has received and employed almost a million migrants from Ukraine who has not received the status of asylum seekers. Therefore, they are not entitled to various social benefits and have to integrate into society as quickly as possible. Lazarevic called it a paradox that the EU criticizes Poland for not being solidary and also for rejecting immigration quotas.


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