Macron’s fatal waltz

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It was one and a half years ago that the current President of France won the election with an exceptionally aggressive campaign. Television channels supporting him never even asked the question where did this so-called “expert” without any party affiliation get his campaign money from?

It is a dark and rarely spoken about secret that the candidate who was magically pulled out of a hat was already a member of the General Financial Inspectorate at the tender age of 27 and a banker with Rothschild & Cie afterwards.

Sociologist Monique Pinçon-Charlot in her book “Predators at power” says the general public has no idea how many banks dug in their pockets to help such an “expert” to gain power – one of the darkest secrets of French politics.

A small elite of the influential press and a group of lawyers has removed the obstacle represented by the much more suitable François Fillon, reducing French politics to the level of a banana republic. The rapid formation of Macron’s government after the elections is only surprising at first glance, as its members were school buddies at the French public administration ( École normale supérieure). They are pragmatic power players, who only use ideology as a Trojan horse into power.

In one of his simplistic slogans Macron claims he is the spearhead of advancement fighting against the leper of nationalism and populism spreading across Europe. He seems to pay no attention to the uncomfortable truth that two of his ministers have already abandoned ship – one of them without even first notifying his boss about his resignation.

He doesn’t much care about the criticism coming from French intellectuals – what’s more, he wants to establish surveillance over the Internet, the last refuge of dissidents. Meanwhile, he keeps issuing orders left and right and is tuning his violin for the winter ball season.

But the truth is that the orchestra also played a waltz on the sinking Titanic.

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