Man arrested for carrying Israeli flag in Sydney while masked pro-Hamas mob chants “F**k Israel” and hurls fireworks at Opera House

By Thomas Brooke
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A man in Australia has been arrested for carrying an Israeli flag in the vicinity of a pro-Hamas terrorist rally that later descended on Sydney Opera House and chanted”F**k Israel! F**k Jews!” as attendees hurled flares at the iconic building.

Footage of the arrest circulating on social media shows an individual in a tussle with police officers who confiscate his flag before arresting him for “breaching the peace” as bystanders criticize the approach taken by the authorities.

“You can’t take my flag. I’ve done nothing wrong, mate,” the man can be heard saying to several officers escorting him away from the rally which began at Town Hall before marching on the Opera House.

When he is informed that he is being arrested, the man replies, “Arrested? For doing what? I’m holding a flag!”

“This is really unfair, guys,” a witness to the incident tells officers. “This is Sydney, Australia, and this is what happens,” he adds.

“I haven’t even raised it,” the man insists. “I just turned up two minutes ago, and you’ve arrested me for nothing.”

“What are they doing? Why are they entitled, and I’m not?” the man asks, referring to the pro-terrorist rally.

“If you display that flag among that group of people, someone will get hurt,” the police officer replies.

A statement released by New South Wales Police later confirmed the man had been arrested in order to “ensure a peaceful demonstration.”

“Officers observed a man approaching the large group carrying a flag. He was arrested and removed by police to prevent a breach of the peace.

“The man was issued a move-on direction and released. No further action will be taken,” the statement added.

The rally at the Town Hall, organized by the Palestine Action Group Sydney, later marched on the Opera House to protest the building’s decision to project the Israeli flag in support of the several hundred civilians murdered over the weekend by Hamas terrorists who invaded Israeli territory and slaughtered women and children, abducting many more and holding them hostage back in the Gaza Strip.

Activists held signs that read, “Stop persecuting Muslims” and “Stand for the oppressed.”

Sydney authorities had ordered Jews not to attend the lighting up of the Opera House over fears that this would further incite the pro-Hamas supporters.

Australian media outlets later reported that a masked mob of pro-Palestine activists hurled flares at the Opera House and chanted “F**k Israel, f**k Jews.”

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