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Andrzej Duda’s staff came up with an idea to invite random tourists to meet with the president and take a tour of the presidential palace in Warsaw.

The event was immediately picked up by Asian media outlets, and a video of the visit can be viewed on the official twitter account of the president’s staff.

During their visit, the tourists had the opportunity to ask the president a couple of questions over a cup of tea: “Do you like your job?,” one of them asked. “It’s not a job,” replied Duda. “It’s a duty.” The visitors also took a group photo with the president, which Duda then posted on his official twitter account.

“After returning from #NATOsummit in Brussels, I had some fantastic guests in my office. Tourists from Taiwan and Singapore paid me and the palace a visit!”

The tourists were extremely pleased with the visit. They said they thought it was something impossible and that they considered it an honor and a delight to see the presidential palace.

The visit was not bereft of criticism from the side of the Polish political opposition. The critics argued on twitter, that the head of state and defender of the constitution should be inviting protesters and defenders of the Polish Supreme Court. Not happenstance tourists.

The whole event can be seen as the beginning of Duda’s campaign for re-election. Everything points to Duda being Law and Justice’s candidate. So far, Duda does not know who his main opponent will be. The elections will take place in 2020.

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