Morawiecki’s support for Polish farmers

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Mateusz Morawiecki has kicked off the campaign for Poland’s October municipal elections with promises to provide more support to Polish farmers and more resources to develop infrastructure. During his stop in the southern town of Sandomierz, he also denounced the opposition’s mockery of national events such as the Great Parade of Independence.

“We do not feel ashamed of Poland,” the prime minister said. “We love Poland. We don’t apologize for Poland. We are grateful for Poland.”

Morawiecki reminded voters that PiS introduced a number of important social programs such as benefits for families with children, support for the elderly and a lower retirement age. “Their program is to cancel everything!” PM Morawiecki said, offering some advice to the opposition: “Take some ice water and throw it over those heated heads of yours because you play dirty, because you play dirty with our beloved homeland.”

We do not feel ashamed of Poland. We love Poland. We don’t apologize for Poland. We are grateful for Poland

The prime miniser announced a new program, dubbed the “Eight Points for the Country,” which will focus on developing Poland’s rural areas. These points include increasing the resources available for insurance of agricultural crops, doubling the level committed by the previous Civic Platform government, increasing subsidies for fuel used for agricultural purposes, and increasing subsidies for livestock.

Morawiecki criticized Civic Platform’s former coalition partner, the Peasant Party, charging that they sold out Polish agriculture and processing plants to Western monopolies. The result, he said, is that those monopolies dictate prices when Poland tries to stabilize its agricultural market.

The prime minister also promised to allocate more resources to building local roads, six times more than the previous government, from funds made available by reforms in the tax system.

The Polish municipal elections are scheduled to take place October 21, followed by a second round November 4.

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