Morricone announces Budapest concert

“I may be old, but I hope I will be this good for some time to come,” says 89-year-old composer Ennio Morricone about his upcoming tour to Budapest in 2019. He will be 90 at that time of the event.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Morricone, arguably one of the greatest film score composers of all time, has written over 500 scores for cinema and television and over 100 classical works. In 2015, Morricone received his first Academy Award for Best Motion Picture Score in Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight – his first win after many nominations.

In interview with Origo Morricone said that despite his advanced age he is not quite ready to say his final goodbye to public performances.

“I am slowly turning 90 and it has occurred to me several times to retire for good, at least from conducting. But I also hope that I will be in good health for some time, so everything going well and my health permitting, I am not ruling out anything,” he said 

He said that as always, he is also preparing a few surprises for his 2019 World Tour. He will be conducting the Czech National Symphony Orchestra in – among other locations – Saint Petersburg, Paris, London, Krakow, Prague and Budapest.


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