Murder in Chemnitz? Only the tip of the iceberg

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It is very disturbing to follow the news about current events in Chemnitz. Not only because riots are taking place near our borders, but above all, because the murder that triggered protests and violent clashes is only the tip of the iceberg.

These events are evidence that European political elites fail to deal with the effects of the migration wave.

The migration policy of a number of European countries has completely failed. The consequence of events and political decisions made a few years ago has led to the breakdown of society, decrease in security and the growing popularity of radical and populist movements promising quick solutions. However, as we know, quick solutions do not exist and lead only to the violation of the rule of law and democratic principles.

The ostrich policy practiced by the German government in highlighting the problems that have been brought by the migration wave, and showed that disputable past decisions were completely wrong. If we do not face the problems and offer specific solutions, the breakdown of society will continue and then, only a small spark will be needed to ignite a fire of hatred as happened so many times in the past.

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