National park ruined by bark beetle

Millions of trees have died due to bark beetle infection.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Monika Strus-Wolos

Millions of trees have died in the Białowieża Forest, due to bark beetle infection. The forest has always been taken care of by human hand, through cutting down infected trees to save the healthy ones and planting new ones in their place.

Global organizations such as Greenpeace had fought the Polish government to cease the logging, and let the trees handle the infection themselves.

Former minister of the environment Jan Szyszko, who passed away this year, had opposed the EC, claiming that the forest was in such a good state because of human care.

Monika Strus-Wołos stated on Facebook that a forest which had belonged to her family for over 600 years has to be cut down due to beetle infection.

“The invasion is coming from Białowieża and has reached the forest which is located 100km away. According to chief foresters, the entire region is facing the largest forest catastrophe perhaps in history,” she wrote, adding that “in the past, we didn’t have stupid ecologists and people did rational sanitary logging.”


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