North Korea outlaws gossip about leader’s weight loss

By Dénes Albert
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The Pyongyang leadership has banned its citizens from discussing Kim Jong-un’s recent weight loss, and spreading any rumors related to it has been declared a “reactionary act”.

Pyongyang said that as the country struggles with severe food shortages, the dictator will also eat less while still remaining healthy, according to Mandiner.

The people are happy to see their leader slimming

The speculation about the dictator’s health began after he looked thinner and thinner in the photos and was estimated to have lost as much as 20 kilograms.

Radio Free Asia says it knows North Koreans are happy to see their leader slimmer because they believe the dictator’s previous condition was more dangerous to his health.

Probably just a PR exercize

It is estimated that Kim Jong-un may have lost as much as 20 kilograms (40 pounds) in 2021. The official explanation for weight loss is not related to health reasons, but because he “suffers” due to the crisis affecting his country and his people.

However, many suspect that the weight loss is just a public relations stunt wherein the North Korean dictator attempts to show solidarity with his own people as they are hit by chronic food shortages.

Title image: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. (MTI/EPA/KCNA)

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