Opinion: LGBT activists don’t want to understand reality

The rainbow symbol of the LGBT means an attack, according to the protestors themselves

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Dawid Wildstein

Many posters with the image of influential Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz were hung around Warsaw and subtitled: “I do not recreate reality. I argue with it.”

I happen to wonder about the accidental and unintentional truth behind that message.

Leaving the artist aside, these words can be seen as the motto of the modern left. What is necessary to properly experience and live in reality? At the top of the list is understanding reality, but this is the last thing our leftists wants to do. The truth is that it is much easier to argue with reality — to quarrel with it, to create it anew, and reshape it to fit your ideology.

With this mindset, you do not need to know reality then, to understand it. Instead of thinking about what reality truly is, what it contains and instead of realizing that we will never understand it to its fullest extent, the left prefers to scream a few silly slogans and to feel like masters of the world — like they’re someone better.

This is clearly visible today during further attacks on religion organized by far-left groups. They spout words about the need for tolerance and for understanding of other sensitivities. Meanwhile, they spit on everything that is the most important for many of us.

Let them embrace the idea that the Cross is only a pair of sticks, but they’re not even trying to understand us. They just want to argue. They pride themselves on their ignorance and disdain.

I saw one of the LGBT protestors proudly write online, “The rainbow means an attack.”

He’s right, but the only thing that is odd is that he was proud of that statement. He was proud of the fact that the rainbow is seen as aggression and proud of the disdain and mockery of what is most sacred to millions of Poles. In truth, today the rainbow means discord. The rainbow equals profanation.

This is about a very particular rainbow — one without a specific color, used as the banner of a new revolution associated with the LGBT movement. These leftist activists should leave the normal rainbow alone, because it is a part of reality. The ordinary reality.

It represents the reality which the new revolutionaries disdain most.


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