Opposition disrupts PM Orbán’s speech in parliament

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We won’t give you a verbatim translation of the expletive. It was a direct reference to equine anatomy.

The first sign Hadházy was able to display was directly under the dais from where PM Orbán spoke – and who watched the scene with a somewhat detached smile – until some MPs from the ruling party removed Hadházy from the area. The second more explicit sign he showed from his bench.

Speaker of the House László Kövér, presiding over the session, said the opposition should renounce its “politics of warmongering,” respect house rules or otherwise seek professional help.

PM Orbán eventually finished his speech, after which Máté Kocsis, caucus leader of the ruling Fidesz party, said Hadházy’s action was that of an “anarchist lout”, not that of a responsible politician.


The government’s international spokesman, Zoltán Kovács, in a series of tweets criticizing Euronews coverage of the protest, called the protest “distasteful” and “vulgar” and an insult to the Hungarian people.

“I’m curious,” Kovács tweeted to the news outlet, “why did you not mention the other sign the protester was holding, the one with the rude and vulgar language, completely inappropriate in the National Assembly and insulting to the Hungarian people? Hmm? Inconvenient to your news narrative?

Title image: MP of the green LPM party Ákos Hadházy showing a cardboard sign with an expletive in parliament during Viktor Orbán’s speech (Magyar Hírlap/Róbert Hegedüs)

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