Opposition speaker of the Polish Senate accused of taking bribes

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An increasing number of people are accusing the Speaker of the Senate from the opposition, Tomasz Grodzki, of taking bribes when he was a doctor.

Grodzki claimed that the patients who accused him of taking bribes last week were “shadows” made up by the media.

One of the accusers, Henryk Osiewalski, went on camera with his story and explained that in 1996, in exchange for taking X-ray photos and writing out a prescription, Grodzki had demanded €47, equivalent to €330 in 2020.

Osiewalski said he had paid him personally and Grodzki had hid the money in a drawer in his desk.

The day after his election as Speaker of the Senate, accusations concerning Grodzki’s bribes began to spring up. The speaker has constantly denied having demanded or accepted any bribes.

The majority of patients who have accused Grodzki have already given their statements to the prosecutor’s office.

Henryk Osiewalski decided to show his face and publicly speak out against Grodzki after the press conference in which the speaker claimed to journalists that the patients were people put forward and paid by Law and Justice (PiS) to discredit him.

“I hate two things most in life: lying and theft,” Osiewalski told journalists. The patient is aware that he may face repercussions for telling the truth in front of the cameras.

Speaker Grodzki’s lawyers are already preparing a series of lawsuits to investigate Grodzki’s past in order to prove his innocence.

During the press conference, Grodzki claimed that he has an “army of patients” backing him who can prove his honesty. From among that group, Grodzki chose Tadeusz Staszczyk, a former communist secret police officer who had informed on his own wife during the Stalinist era.

Staszczyk claimed that he had been offered €1,180 for besmirching Grodzki but had presented no evidence to support his claims.

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