PM Babiš holds crushing lead in polls

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Only five political parties would go to the Chamber of Deputies instead of the current nine. The remaining two parties are the Communists with 10 percent and the CSSD with 9.5 percent. Other parties would not succeed. The TOP 09´s support would be 4.5 percent, SPD and KDU-CSL would gain 4 percent and STAN 3 percent. According to the CVVM poll, Greens and Party of Free Citizens would have one percent support.

According to a hypothetical recalculation, the ANO movement would have 93 mandates, ODS 37, Pirates 34, Communists 19 and CSSD 17 mandates. The current coalition would have the majority in the Chamber of Deputies without the support of the KSCM.

The poll also showed that Prime Minister Andrej Babis, the leader of the governing ANO, and Ivan Bartos, the leader of the opposition Pirates, are the most trusted Czech politicians.

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