PM Orbán at CPAC: A nation-destroying virus has been launched against Western countries

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán speaking at the CPAC Hungary event in Budapest on Thursday, May 4, 2023.
By John Cody
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The West is facing a “nation-destroying virus” unleashed by progressive idealists that will destroy civilization unless conservatives fight to contain it, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has warned.

Speaking at CPAC Hungary in Budapest on Thursday, the Hungarian prime minister, seen as perhaps the preeminent leader of the Western conservative movement, issued his warning to hundreds of politicians, national leaders, and conservative activists who gathered in Budapest from around the world.

“A virus attack has been launched against us. This virus was developed in the progressive liberal laboratories,” said Orbán. “This virus is attacking the most vulnerable point in the Western world, and that is the nation. It is a nation-destroying virus that will atomize and pulverize our nations.”

The Hungarian leader said his country is seen as an incubator of conservative thought, and one of the primary strongholds left working against globalism. He noted that conservatives arrived in Budapest from countries ranging from the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Israel and Japan.

Not bad company, but how did Hungarians get into such a distinguished club? We’re not huge, we’re not formidable, we’re not rich, we don’t have a big army, we don’t have a huge GDP, and we’re not particularly populous. Who cares about us? Yet, here we all are today.

I think there is only one reason why we are in this elite club. There is one thing that makes our country an important place. It is the fact that Hungary is actually an incubator where the conservative politics of the future are being experimented with. Hungary is the place where we have not only talked about defeating progressive liberals and making a conservative Christian political turn, we have done it.

The Hungarian prime minister said that the attack facing Europe is not economic, but actually goes deeper into the very values and culture that had defined Europe for generations.

I report to you that we are all under attack, in Europe as well as in America. I must also report to you that the attack is not economic. We are dealing with a biological weapon,” said Orbán. “The nation is the great invention of the West. It is the heart of the free world, but it is also the Achilles heel of the Western world. If the nations evaporate, disintegrate, rust away, the possibility of free life will be lost and the West will fall. People without a homeland can never be free, they can only be landless pawns of the global elite.

Although it may seem self-evident for many conservatives today, Hungary was not always a bastion of conservatism. Orbán and Hungary truly rose into the international headlines once his country took a strong stance against immigration in 2015-2016. However, in a surprise move at the CPAC conference, Orbán said he had to thank billionaire oligarch George Soros for this political gift, which helped put Hungary on the political map and defined Hungary as a country dedicated to protecting Europe’s borders and cultural heritage.

But there is nothing to be done. Man plans, God does. In fact, the Hungarian experiment owes its worldwide fame to George Soros. In vain, God works in mysterious ways. If George Soros had not attacked Hungary, if he had not announced his program to resettle millions of illegal immigrants in Europe with the help of his mercenary NGOs, we would never have made the headlines. But Uncle George did announce his resettlement program, deployed his NGO army and set about implementing his grand plan. They flooded the Balkans with illegal migrants and set up a people-smuggling route into the heart of Europe, and then they bumped into Hungary. We called a halt, we took up the gauntlet, we defended ourselves, we built a fence, and we defended our country.

Orbán said that it was amidst the battle over migration with Soros, NGOs and Brussels, that he realized how the battle must be fought.

After a while, I also realized that it is not enough to defend our borders, it is not enough to fight physically in self-defense; we can only defend our country if we also engage in intellectual and ideological battles. We found ourselves in the middle of an intellectual ideological battlefield because migration is an important part of the liberal progressive philosophy. We had no choice but to call to account the ideology of the open society and with it the entire empire of George Soros.

Orbán stated that Hungary was not a country that attacked, but instead, focused on defense.

We Hungarians do not attack. We do not want to tell other countries what to think about migration, gender theory or the European superstate. And we certainly don’t want to tell the Americans what to think. Every nation has the right to live according to its own will and quality. Yes, we do not attack, we defend. We are defending because the globalist progressive elite wants to impose its will on us, wants to tell us what to think and how to live.

The Hungarian leader reemphasized the importance of the nation-state, but warned the existence of national sovereignty is under threat.

My friends, the idea of the nation is our particular Western heritage. That is why the Hungarians recognized it, that is why they made a blood pact, that is why they organized themselves into a nation, that is why we joined the Western world, and that is why we did not disappear into the mists of history, as happened to the other Asian peoples who came to the West. As nation-based political organization spread in the West, we rose up, we overtook our Western counterparts, in the race of civilizations. It proved that the nation is the best framework. It is the best framework for unleashing the dormant forces in the citizens of a country and for serving the interests of the whole community. If one knows, accepts and embraces a common language, history and culture, one is a full member of the nation and therefore free. This was the great advantage of Western civilization. That is why we were centuries ahead of the other continents. It is this competitive advantage of civilization, my dear friends, that is under attack today. And I am sorry to say that the attack is successful.

He warned that other civilizations across the world have not just caught up with Europe economically but have “simply outgrown us,” and lamented the fact that the Western world now only accounts for around 40 percent of the world’s economic output compared with more than 60 percent before the turn of the century.

Furthermore, the West is losing the race in terms of population growth with rapidly declining demographics “masked” by mass immigration. With its economic, cultural, and demographic decline, the only thing the West still has is its military strength, Orbán said.

So we are not doing well, the West is not doing well in the competition of civilizations and the worst thing is that we have only ourselves to blame. We have no competitor who could have wreaked such havoc. When the left unleashed the virus on the world, many well-meaning conservatives said that this anti-national virus was just a laboratory pest. The left doesn’t want to unleash its radicals on the world, they will contain them themselves, they said. But that’s not what happened. Let us not be naive. Today, we see that this virus has not escaped, it has been bred, it is being bred and it is spreading all over the world. Migration, gender, wokism — these are all just variants, variants of the same virus.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the essence of illegal migration is the destruction of the national community. It is to break down the cultural basis necessary for the functioning of the nation-state and to create in its place marginalized, atomized, coexisting but hostile groups who will never form a community and who will eventually never form a state.

Orbán then turned his attention to the cultural debate enveloping both Europe and the U.S. in recent years, taking aim at the woke ideology and gender propaganda being used by the left to promote their progressive agenda.

The woke movement and gender ideology are exactly what communism and Marxism used to be. They artificially divide the nation into minorities in order to foment discord between groups. This is their power base. The Hungarian conservative experiment is successful because we know the Marxists from many miles away, and even by smell, unseen. They have been sitting on us for 50 years. Gender and woke also divide the nation into classes and proclaim that class is more important than nation and precedes belonging to the nation and precedes national identity. My friends, I lived 26 years under Marxist oppression.

Wherever class warfare rears its head, countries based on peaceful cooperation will be the scene of unrest. There will be no more mutual respect and acceptance of each other, and only unquestioning hostility will remain. Ladies and Gentlemen, the third variant of the virus that threatens Western nations today is progressive foreign policy.

The Hungarian leader then raised the issue of the West’s foreign policy and claimed that progressive administrations intent on labeling people and countries as either “good” or “bad” was a deeply dangerous policy in the modern political climate.

Progressive foreign policy always leads us to war. It subverts countries in the name of exporting democracy, and then either leaves or drifts, gets stuck in the mess it has created. I have seen many such color revolutions. It started with the slogan of freedom, and it continued with liberal, progressive re-education, human betterment. It ended in chaos, confusion and the shame of abandoned countries.

I am sure that if Trump were president, no war would be hitting Ukraine and Europe today, so come back Mr. President and make America great again and bring us peace.

Ladies and gentlemen, in recent years progressives have once again divided the world into good, bad, Nazis, non-Nazis, democracies and autocracies. Progressives always pursue an imperialist policy. What they are doing is an imperialist textbook example. First, they put diplomatic pressure on nations. They expect them to show their colors. Whether they support migration, whether they support gender propaganda, the relativization of families, the sexualization of children. Those who refuse to do so are the enemy and the liberal fatwa is pronounced on them. If you say that gender and LMBTQ movements mean the sexualization of children, you will be accused of betraying Western values. If you say that universities should not be about woke ideology but about seeking the truth, you are attacking academic freedom. If you say that war is not in the interests of the Western world, then you are being branded as pushing Putin’s wagon. We are getting a bit tired of it here in Budapest, but we cannot take it lightly. The latest imperial foreign policy goal of the progressives is to take away the right of EU member states to have their own foreign policy. They must be stopped, and this will be the biggest battle in Brussels in the months ahead.

Thankfully, according to Orbán, the virus unleashed by progressives on the Western world is beginning to not just be contained but countered in some European nations. The Hungarian prime minister praised Giorgia Meloni’s electoral victory in Italy last fall, as well as Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election in Israel.

We are rooting for Mrs. Meloni so that the Italian brothers and sisters show inspiring results as soon as possible. And in Jerusalem, the conservative forces have also won.

I can see that the progressive left there does not accept the facts either, but I have good news for Prime Minister Netanyahu, the louder the liberals are, the faster they lose popularity. I say this from experience. And here they are ahead of us.

We have the promising Spanish elections ahead of us and the stars are looking good for our Polish friends. And then the European Parliament elections, when we can finally capture the conservative elite and drain the swamp in Brussels.

Orbán added that those afraid of the virus need to look no further than Hungary for the cure, where his government remains stoic in its promotion of conservative values and defiant in the face of liberal opposition from Brussels.

We have stopped migration at our borders, we have banned the sexualization of children and gender propaganda in schools, and we are also working uncompromisingly for peace. It works. We have won four in a row. People feel that they are being played. They support the political force that protects and represents the interests of the whole nation. Yes, popular will, or democracy itself, is the main weakness of the progressive forces. Is this where they can be caught?

Ladies and gentlemen, there are two ways to take a city, as they knew in ancient Rome. Either you take the walls of the city, or you take the sanctuaries of the city. My advice is that we start with the sanctuaries, then we take the walls. We have taken great European sanctuaries in recent years. Budapest, Warsaw, Rome, Jerusalem, Vienna are not hopeless, but the truth is that the two main sanctuaries of modern democracy, Washington and Brussels, are still in the hands of the liberals. Let us make sure that this is not the case.

I wish you all God’s support and perseverance in doing so. And if we are to meet on May 4, may the Force be with you.

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