PM Orbán: Hungarian conservatives had best election result ever, EU moving towards pro-peace parties

Orbán discusses a new mega grouping of conservatives following EU elections, which would combine the ECR and ID groups in the EU parliament

By Dénes Albert
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The result of the European elections shows that pro-peace conservative forces achieved their goal in the first half of the match, and now all that is remaining is for Donald Trump to win the second half in November.

“The EP elections were an opportunity to slow the drift towards war. If you look at it from here, it was what we wanted,” the prime minister said in a television interview.

In France, the pro-war process has been halted, said Orbán. There, the pro-peace party won by such a margin that a new parliamentary election had to be called.

“We are waiting for President Donald Trump to deliver the second half in the United States, and then we will have peace,” Orbán added.

Hungarian political analyst Bence Ákos Gát highlighted in an X post that Orbán said in the interview that should the ECR (Europan Conservatives and Reformists) ally with the ID (Identity and Democracy), this could be the European Parliament’s second-largest coalition.

Orbán pointed out that never before had so many people voted for Fidesz-KDNP in an EU parliamentary election, as the governing parties received more than 2 million votes. This is a record result for Europe, by far the highest support for any political actor, Viktor Orbán said, referring to his party scoring 44.6 percent of the vote.

He added that participation in elections was compulsory in three or four countries, where the turnout was naturally higher, but Hungary’s 57 percent “puts us in the top league” and shows that “Hungarian democracy is alive and well.” He thanked the voters “who set this fantastic record.”

The prime minister said that there is still more than a year and a half until the 2026 Hungarian parliamentary elections, during which time the government must toil hard. To accomplish their goals, Orbán said they must focus on restarting economic growth, ensuring that inflation does not slip again, protecting pensions, maintaining full employment, and ensuring financial backing for the relaunched home creation program is in place.

“You cannot govern per campaign logic, governing is about the peaceful everyday life of the country, but at the same time we must keep an eye on the question of war and peace, because if we get bogged down in it, everything will float away,” Orbán warned.

SOURCES:Magyar Hírlap
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