Pointless no-confidence vote with no Plan B on the horizon

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The most divided are the Social Democrats, Babiš’s coalition partner. Its Prague organization called for the Prime Minister’s resignation and asked for the Ministry of Justice seat, both wishes are unlikely to be heard. Moreover, the stumbling block remains the same as for the opposition, they don’t actually know what they could achieve from a government fall.

This is the biggest weakness of all plans for Friday’s vote. ODS Chairman Petr Fiala rejects the criticism of the absence of Plan B as an alibi. On the other hand, he adds that there is also a plan C, D and E. Chairman of the Pirate Party Ivan Bartoš then criticized CSSD for not having plan B itself.

“Each MP who supports Prime Minister Babis’ government takes a responsibility for his problems,” said Fiala, and it is undoubtedly true, as it is undisputable that the opposition does not want to take any responsibility itself. It is the CSSD that should shut the government down instead of the opposition, and the movement ANO should replace the Prime Minister in co-operation with the president.

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